Here is my research in various areas, including software, hardware, and vehicles. Right now it's mostly a dump of links from my browser tabs. Quality will improve with time.


Research about interfacing embedded appliances with blockchains

List of books I have completed

Research about managing content, with a focus on note-taking and web-publishing

Imported blog post from 2016 Aug 30

Research about embedded computing systems

Ethereum notes

Research about FPGAs, ASICs, HDL, etc


Notes about Git distributed version control system

IPFS notes

A simple system to water plants daily, based on the ESP8266.

Notes about Jeep stuff

Linux notes

Notes from the Nand2Tetris online course.

Imported blog post from 2018 May 14

OpenBazaar P2P Marketplace

Research about operating systems


Research about proxies

Notes about retrocomputers and old CPUs, including 68k, Z80, 6800, 6502, 808x

Research in preparation to build a portable jambox based on a Raspberry Pi.

Self-hosted alternatives to common third-party services

Imported blog post from 2009 Jul 05

Research about general computer user interfaces... command line, graphical, desktop environments, window managers, and more