A simple system to track dog activities, including walks, meals, and medicine.

Github repo


Track when the dog is fed and walked, so multiple masters can synchronize their activities. Events to track include: walk, meal, medicine. Output should include the number of each activity so far today, and the last time for each activity.

A primary hardware interface should allow activity input and reporting. This can be AC-powered, and batteries should only be considered as the primary power source if the device can operate for at least a week per charge. Activity should reside in a persistent data store that maintains state across power cycles. A networked device would be ideal, so a web interface can eventually be exposed.

Core Components



  • Computer: Raspberry Pi 2 B
  • Power supply: 5V USB
  • Display: SenseHAT LED matrix
  • Input: SenseHAT joystick button
    • up: increment walks
    • down: view activity report
    • left: increment meals
    • right: increment meds
    • button: unused